August: Rosé Refresher

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August: Rosé Refresher

It’s officially, incontrovertibly summer. It’s hot. It’s muggy. The days are long and languid, and cicadas hang in the air.

You need something to cool off with. You need Rose.

Rose at its best is more or less inconsequential. After all, when the goal is thirst quenching, a serious, contemplative wine is not necessarily the best option. That said, this dalliance with inconsequence can mean that too many Roses are, honestly, not all that distinct from one another.

But don’t fret, we’ve chosen four winners for your purposes, which offer the requisite thirst quenching power, as well as something unique so that the mind doesn’t wander.

2021 La Spinetta Il Rosé Di Casanova (Tuscany, Italy)  

2022 Peyrassol Reserve des Templiers Rosé (Provence, France)

2022 Peyrassol Cuvee des Commandeurs Rosé (Provence, France)

2022 Triennes Rosé (Provence, France)

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