August: A FrItalian Potpourri

Gordon's Wine Club

August: A FrItalian Potpourri

A potpourri, besides being everyone’s favorite category on Jeopardy, offers us the chance to be a little more spontaneous and eclectic. As such, this month we won’t go spelunking in any specific caves – rather, we have chosen 4 wines merely because they are delicious!

If there is any thematic at play, we could find something in the pattern of a single red and white varietal each from Italy and France. All four wines have something to say. We suggest you open the bottles and listen! 

2020 Romain Chamiot Apremont Vin de Savoie  

2020 Bruno Verdi Oltrepo Pavese Pinot Grigio

2020 Domaine de la Loue Le Rouge

2018 Collecapretta Le Cese Sangiovese

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