April: Kermit Lynch’s Corsica

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April: Kermit Lynch’s Corsica

Leave it to legendary importer Kermit Lynch to explore one of the wine world’s last great frontiers – Corsica.

Whether it’s the name, or the fact that this Mediterranean island is closer to Italy than France, many people assume it is Italian. It is not. It is decidedly French. How French? Birthplace-of-Napoleon French.

It’s easy to see why, with a wild array of native and familiar varieties, grown on a diverse number of terroirs across the island. What ties them altogether? Corsican wine is always marked by freshness, a sea-salt air quality and purity of fruit. Often easy drinking, with a simple joy at the heart of the wine, Corsica has a lot to offer.

Domaine Maestracci E Prove Blanc Vin de Corse-Calvi 2019

Yves Leccia Île de Beauté Blanc 2019

Domaine de Marquiliani Vin de Corse Rosé 2019

Domaine Maestracci Clos Reginu Vin de Corse-Calvi 2019

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