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At Gordon’s, we think terroir - the special places where specific wines come from - matters. Crubox sources wines from the world’s finest regions from domaines that reflect sustainability, history and a sense of place. We believe you deserve the best, so join our Cru and enjoy the first class flight.

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This Month's Crubox

January: Hi-Low Wines

Why is some wine more expensive than others? Why are some wines considered more “serious” or “ageworthy” than others? These are hard questions to answer, especially without context. However, in this month’s CruBox we provide the context for you to see for yourself!

Here we have two pairs of wines, each from the same producer, exploring the difference between “entry level” and “collectible.” Both producers are leaders in their appellations and all four wines are outrageously good.

Our first diad: Jean-Claude Marsanne’s 2018 IGP Ardèche Syrah & 2017 St. Joseph. Both wines here are 100% Syrah from France’s Northern Rhone region, however, one is meant to be drunk young and serve more as an entry-level wine (the IGP Syrah), while the other (the St. Joseph) is a wine that can age for many years and is thought of as more “serious.”

Our second diad offers a similar comparison of site and winemaking: Descendientes de J. Palacios’s 2018 Bierzo Petalos & 2018 Bierzo Corullon. These are both almost exclusively Mencia-based wines from Spain’s northwestern Bierzo region. Mencia offers red fruit flavors, as opposed to Syrah’s dark fruits, and is more floral and spicier.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself! We guarantee you’ll enjoy the journey.

2018 Jean-Claude Marsanne IGP Ardèche Syrah

2017 Jean-Claude Marsanne St. Joseph

2018 Descendientes de José Palacios Pétalos Bierzo

2018 Descendientes de José Palacios Bierzo Villa de Corullón 

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